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For 30 years we have been providing services in transport across Poland. We continue to develop our company since 1985 through investigating our customers’ needs and adjusting our service to their requirements. This strategy enabled us to operate on foreign markets.

Currently we provide professional transport services across the EU executed by our large fleet of tractors.

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Transport services


National and international

We provide road transport in controlled temperature across the whole Europe.
Since 2015 we execute orders in the EU, mainly in: the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.

We specialise in delivering foods, fruit and flowers. Our professional vehicles and qualified team make it possible to deliver the load in appropriate conditions and always on time!!

GPS monitoring

Temperature control

International service



To ensure sustainable and reliable service, we use such models of vehicles as EURO6 and EURO5 by DAF and SCANIA. Our fleet includes 20 vehicles with curtain trailers, as well as cooling trailers of different kinds:

  • solo vehicles,
  • tandem vehicles for 37 pallets,
  • trailers for 27 pallets,
  • trailers for 33 pallets.

To satisfy our customers’ needs, we adjusted our vehicles to transporting flowers and equipped them in hydraulic elevators with load bearing capacity of 2 tons.

Each of our vehicles is also equipped in a GPS monitoring system, which helps us track the vehicle, check the temperature in the trailer, monitor unauthorised door opening and functioning of the cooling unit.

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Transport services

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